Dr. LIllian Mess

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Dr Lillian Mess

Dr Lillian Mess is is a Doctorate prepared Nurse Practitioner who is certified through the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine and has guided her patients towards their most beneficial treatments for almost three decades. Her approach to her aesthetic practice is that of service, and often after only one treatment her patients achieve a more attractive appearance, a greater level of self-confidence and quickly develop a high level of trust with Dr. Mess, established from undeniably good results.

By implementing the ‘golden ratio of beauty’, Dr. Mess assesses the entire face, rather than one problem area. By using the latest techniques and only the highest quality products available, she improves her patient’s facial symmetry, restores youthfulness and enhances their naturally occurring beauty features. Her focus is to provide her patients ‘facial vibrancy’ that will positively impact their self-image and life satisfaction.

In addition to aesthetic medicine, Dr. Mess has a true passion for her family, and she’s thought of by her children and grandchildren as a loving, nurturing role model. She is also well known in her community as person who is generous with her time and consistently strives to positively impact the lives of others.

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