relaxation Massage & Reflexology

Experience a comfortable, relaxing treatment in our tranquil setting!

Relaxation Body Massage in Sarnia (Unregistered)

 Discover the benefits of relaxation massage in a tranquil, relaxed spa setting at Adora Spa.

From the moment that you experience the warmth of the bed, the aroma from the essential oils, you know that we are committed to your well-being.

Relaxation Massage can help with overall stress management.

We strive to maintain the highest standards to ensure your personal comfort and care.

 You can enjoy your Couples relaxation massages in our Couples Room at no additional charge.
 Please request our Couples Room at the time of booking.
Please arrive a minimum of 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

Relaxation  Massage

45-minute session$65
60-minute session$80
90-minute session$125

Hot Stone Therapy

60-minute session $115
90-minute session $150
    What is Reflexology?

Reflexology  is a non-intrusive, gentle, pressure technique that is applied to the feet, hands or ears. It is founded in the theory that we have reflexes and energy zones throughout the body that connecct to all body parts, organs and glands.  By stimulating these reflexes using hand, finger and thumb techniques, messages are sent along energy and neurl pathways to rid the body of blockages or deposits that maybe hindering corresponding body parts or areas. 
It is the application of gentle pressure to the reflexes that allows for the removal of stress and promotes a deep relaxation response. 
 As a result, energy blockages are opened,  circulation is enhanced and the body is prompted to return to a state of normal function.

Benefits of Reflexology

Reduces stress and promotes a general relaxation response 
Improves circulation
Aids in pain management
Promotes balance and normalization of the body naturally

60 Minute treatment          $80 plus HST

This treatment provider is registered and may be covered by your Extended Group Benefit plan.

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